Harry AMA – 08 Aug 23

0.08: Plan for the session
1.04: Spreadsheet Question – Outside of RT, which influencers have helped you the most in your Crypto education/journey
6.10: Spreadsheet Question – I would love to know your thoughts on crypto trading and the forex trading. Obviously RT is fully in crypto as my current understanding is that the gains in crypto can be more that forex. However, am i right in saying forex can be more reliable in patterns playing out. Interested how you see trading on Bybit compared to forex, potentially more manipulated like when you had a big trade get liquidated. Essentially have you ever gone back and compared the more reliable forex with smaller returns against less reliable crypto trades to see what’s better overall? Which have you had more success in from a returns perspective (balanced with how much you were risking).
10.25: Spreadsheet Question – Secondly, I assume investing in crypto is actually where the real gains are? What % returns would you say is between crypto trading and investing? I love everything I’ve learnt in trading but wondering how much do you actually gain from that compared to researching tokens, like in avenger calls and acquiring the right tokens and Staking etc. and taking profits?
19.16: Spreadsheet Question – What has your trading journey been like to date and what do you do when not trading?
24.28: Spreadsheet Question – How do you log your trades? What have you learnt from your logs about your trading?
30.27: Spreadsheet Question – Do you know anything about buying property off the government? I want to buy my pub which is owned by local council. I’ve already done a lot of restoration work to the building. Turned it into a thriving business. Spent 100k building a brewery alongside it and have a twenty year lease with first refusal and ability to sublet. I want to do a bunch more work but would rather own the building first. I already fear that I will be charged for all the work I’ve done when it comes to it. I don’t actually have any capital but I should have by the end of 2025
31.33: Spreadsheet Question – I’d be intrigued to explore a bit deeper into your mining experience. E.g. why did you choose to do it? What did you mine? Why did you choose this / these coin(s)? What’s involved to mine a coin (is it just plug and play?)? Was it a profitable venture? Why did you stop? Would you do it again?
40.36: Spreadsheet Question – Given that most people even outside of RT recommend starting a business, I’m wondering what if any business you’ve started, closed, sold over the years and whether or not you’re tempted to start another?
45.43: Spreadsheet Question – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/api3/… thoughts on API3 altcoin?
49.50: Spreadsheet Question – Would you say coingecko is more reliable than coinmarketcap, for example on the former KASPA is ranked 41… I know coinmarketcap is owned by Binance and ‘is used as a market funnel’. So a binance listing should potentially sort out the coinmarketcap rating for kaspa surely? just interested to hear your thoughts
52.52: Spreadsheet Question – Thoughts on LPT and DNX tokens and charting?
1.02.06: Spreadsheet Question – Are you full time in this or do you also have a day job?
1.03.28: Spreadsheet Question – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/yield-guild-games/ – just wondered your thoughts on this project – on major exchanges, plays as you earn, VR, NFT Launched in 2021 but doing well of late.
1.07.30: Spreadsheet Question – Do you still use / believe the Wall St Cheat Sheet Pyschology chart? If so where do you think we are?
1.12.04: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/radiant-capital/ – Siam mentioned in the TP about potentially getting into RDNT (its already on binance) – any thoughts on this?
1.14.19: Spreadsheet Question – Do you have a buy price set for Kaspa? preference of Kucoin over MEXC?
1.17.00: Spreadsheet Question – Thoughts on Tron being a blue chip, on the TP is showed the Tron being number 2 to Eth on the chain chart for Defi Lama ? Worth holding some in the bull run maybe as its Chinese backed and done relatively well this year so far
1.17.57: Spreadsheet Question – Has your opinion on Sol changed recently ? I do really think this will be a top 5 crypto (along with BTC ETH BNB XRP) very soon.
1.19.01: Spreadsheet Question – Same with Shib surely a top 10 soon… and then going into the bull run retail will like the fact that its less than a penny /meme coin/ elon pump factor .. worth holding some along side doge in a bull run i was thinking?
1.20.06: Spreadsheet Question – Bitcoin Spark fork? any opinion on this?

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