Avenger Chat – 22 Aug 23

00:00: Discussion topics include news updates, Binance news, VeChain research token, market structures, and addressing questions.
01:46: Negative opinion expressed about HEX and PulseChain, considering them scammy and dubious due to misallocation of funds.
05:55: Discussion about the news of SBF going to jail and the revocation of his bail.
09:13: There is a mysterious Bitcoin wallet that has become the third largest BTC holder in only three months.
10:52: Uncertainty regarding the SEC’s classification of Polkadot as a security or software.
12:39: Discussion about the safety of different cryptocurrencies, including Polkadot, XRP, Bitcoin, and ETH.
14:22: Ordinals and related tokens have experienced a significant decrease in trading volume.
16:05: The trading volume for NFTs has significantly decreased, indicating a cooling off period in the market.
17:41: What is the valid case for the Binance FUD? Why are Binance restricting withdrawals in Europe?
19:26: Binance’s BNB token is falling in price and there are concerns about its future and potential liquidation.
20:55: Concerns raised about Binance potentially manipulating the price of BNB and the future of Binance.
22:35: Questioning whether Binance artificially inflated the price of their token and if the increased amount was justified.
24:35: Discussion about the holdings and collateral of FTT on Binance and FTX.
26:25: Concerns about the value of BNB if the token becomes worthless and the potential loss of value for Binance.
28:15: Discussion about the relationship between FTX token (FTT) and Binance token (BNB) and the value fluctuations over time.
29:59: Discussion about the current level of the market and concerns about BNB token.
31:23: Concerns about keeping funds on Binance and the potential for Binance to fall hard.
32:44: Discussion about BNB being the native token of Binance chains and its role in transactions.
34:14: BNB is used as a reward token on Binance and as a currency in peer-to-peer payments in several countries.
37:17: Discussion about the performance of different cryptocurrencies in the bear market and the potential for recovery.
39:15: Discussion about different cryptocurrencies and a YouTuber named NoBSCrypto who provides good research.
41:01: VeChain is a layer one blockchain focused on supply chain management, providing transparency and traceability.
42:51: VeChain aims to solve the problem of trust, fraud, and inefficiencies in global supply chains using blockchain technology.
44:29: Discussion about Gavin Wood, creator of Polkadot, and the concept of proof of authenticity in Ethereum consensus mechanism.
46:22: VeChain is a public blockchain but with permissioned access. It focuses on enterprise markets and large organizations.
49:37: Tokenomics and the reason for employing two tokens in VeChain’s economic model.
51:27: VeChain Thor allows users to trade and buy VET, and holding VET rewards users with VeChain Thor tokens.
56:36: VeChain has formed partnerships with large companies in the transport, logistics, luxury, and retail industries.
58:25: VeChain is working on sustainable ecosystem applications and smart city ecosystems with the Chinese government.
01:03:23: Positive aspects of V-Chain include meeting a need, having significant partnerships, and a sustainable consensus mechanism.
01:05:04: Concerns about centralisation and focus on private enterprise. Potential negative impact on retail demand.
01:09:11: Discussion about price action and potential market drop, planning for potential scenarios.
01:11:09: Discussion about the current BTC price and potential areas for price pullback.
01:12:53: Discussion about recent price drop, potential for price increase, and lack of interest in shorting.
01:16:36: Discussion about the market trend and potential consolidation period.
01:20:24: Discussion about market conditions, BTC, and the current position of DOT and BNC.
01:22:04: Discussion about the performance and opportunities of different tokens on the Polkadot network.
01:24:00: Discussion about various cryptocurrencies and their price movements.
01:26:07: Discussion about price action, trend lines, and potential long position in trading.
01:28:14: Discussion about the technical analysis, Casper mining group, and delayed deliveries of lower-value models.
01:31:28: Questioning the mindset and positions of others regarding CAS token
01:33:09: Keeping an eye on the market and understanding the mentality of miners is important for making returns.
01:37:42: Discussion about personal investment strategies and mindset, emphasising long-term hold and not worrying about price fluctuations.
01:39:15: Discussion about the size of wallets and potential selling strategies

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