Avenger Chat – 26 Sept 23

01:00 MicroStrategy’s large Bitcoin holdings and their influence on the company’s value
03:03 Mining companies and Nvidia’s change in stance on graphics cards for crypto mining
05:01 How circulating supply and release schedules impact price and market cap
06:28 The timing of altcoin investments and the market flow of Bitcoin dominance and alt season
07:58: News – Bybit to Suspend Services in the UK
13.58: News – JPMorgan subsidiary Chase UK to restrict crypto transactions
17.02: Twitter – Bitcoin Ben Armstrong
21.10: News – Bitcoin exchange volume tracks 5-year lows as Fed inspires BTC holding
25.00: Twitter – Willy Woo
28.51: Willy Woo: Paper BTC vs Real BTC
31.40: Leverage Trading
37.54: Bitcoin: Trading Volume (Spot vs Derivative)
43.33: Twitter – Root: Paper BTC vs Real BTC
49.03: The Paper BTC at the Centre of the FTX Fraud
52.54: 40% of all BTC owned by Coinbase (allegedly)
58.03: Spreadsheet Question – Thoughts on the MSTR chart? Do you own any or looking to purchase any? Any other crypto stocks which you are looking to invest in?
1.06.05: Spreadsheet Question – ARGO Blockchain thoughts on fundamentals, chart and do you think this is a failing company?
1.07.38: Spreadsheet Question – Are you looking to get back into the GAS/BTC trade? And if so, what levels are you looking at? Nice spike last week
1.10.49: Spreadsheet Question – Are you able to talk a bit about how the price fluctuates compared to the market cap. Just looking at Filecoin as an example, I know there are release schedules to consider for the token release and circulating supply but I’m trying to get my head around the maths (not my strong suit as you can probably tell haha) to work out how the price of filecoin got as high as $237 (CMC) with approx 12b MC last bull run and now sits at around $3 with a $1.5b MC. So the price would need to 79X to reach its previous ATH but does that also mean the MC would need to now get to $118.5bn for it to reach its previous ATH?
1.19.00: Spreadsheet Question – If BTC is expecting to run above 100k next bull run potentially even higher, and always runs first, should we not get into BTC first before buying ALTs? Then flip into alts once BTC has started running? I know you also follow Travel Trade Chill on YT she did an interesting video about timing your altcoin buys recently and how the market runs in order of BTC, ETH, LTC/XRP etc. but during the next bull phase do you think alts will also rise with Bitcoin therefore not wanting to miss out on potential gains whilst the market transitions from BTC dominance to “alt season”
1.24.08: Spreadsheet Question – Do you know how FTT (FTX) which is pretty much dead, sat around $1 but still has around a $400 market cap?
1.25.57: Spreadsheet Question – Imagine if you had £50,000 and you knew what you knew today in regards to cryptos. Which cryptos would you buy assuming you had the knowledge but no cryptos in your portfolio…?
1.30.15: Spreadsheet Question – What is your current portfolio % allocation?
1.32.36: Spreadsheet Question – Could we do a poll on Telegram to see how much KAS everyone has?
1.32.53: Spreadsheet Question – If you had £500 to invest/trade where would you start? Would you invest in BTC? I see a lot of talk about KAS on the discord, trading currencies, what would your approach be? Also, with Bybit stopping its activities in the UK where is the best place to trade crypto? For example when Siam puts his trades in the telegram group, if one wanted to trade it how do I go about doing so? Continue with bybit until the 8th of October or use another platform? Thanks in advance
1.37.36: Quick run through the YT questions
1.40.01: KAS Charting
1.48.54: BTC Dominance Charting
1.50.45: DOT Charting
1.51.40: TOTAL Charting
1.53.21: Upcoming Research Tokens

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