Avenger Chat – 03 Oct 23

00.11: Plan for tonight’s session
00.52: Quick overview of price action
02.20: NASDAQ Composite Index
04.02: News – SEC Delays spot Bitcoin ETF decision for BlackRock, Invesco and Bitwise
06.26: News – Grayscale submits SEC filing to convert Rthreum to spot ETF
07.49: News – Enter the Ether: VanEck releases two ETF ads ahead of possible Monday launch
09.32: News – Sam Bankman-Fried FTX trial – 5 things you need to know
19.05: The seven charges against Sam Bankman-Fried
21.19: Who will testify?
24.06: Discussion on Kaspa market cap
26.20: Historical market cap snapshot
30.10: Kaspa emission schedule and charting
31.42: Quick run through the YT questions
33.06: Three Pot System & Profit Taking Profit video
35.54: New charts and profit-taking
38:39 Introduction to Render Network and its Purpose
39:05 Explanation of decentralized GPU rendering on a blockchain
39:19 Use cases and benefits of Render Network
44.20: How does Render Network work?
49.40: A look at Render Network’s website and team
53:11 Explanation of Render Network’s tokenomics and deflationary model
56:16 Partnership with Apple’s Octane Render and its Significance
57:24 Explanation of the credit system for non-crypto users
58:59 Overview of Render Network’s token and market information
01:01:17 Render Network’s tokenomics and breakdown of token allocation.
01:03:03 Render Network’s price trends and significant increases.
01:04:27 Concerns about a potential head and shoulders pattern forming.
01:05:46 Potential partnerships between Render Network and Solana, including rumours and articles.
01:07:27 Discussion on the upcoming Solana Breakpoint event and its keynote speaker, the founder of Render Network.
01.08.22: Solana vs Polygon vs Ethereum
01.10.11: SOL Charting
01.13.23: NVDA Charting
01.14.30: Render Network conclusion
01:16:51 The overall market analysis and the need for a breakout or further consolidation.
01.17.03: BTC Charting
01.22.28: DOT Charting
01.23.47: ETH Charting
01.24.04: GLMR Charting
01.25.33: LINK Charting
01.26.11: NEAR Charting
01.27.22: OKB Charting
01.27.59: QNT Charting
01.28.38: TOTAL Charting
01.30.24: MATIC Charting
01.32.24: Final check on YT questions

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