Avenger Chat – 19 Sept 23

00:01: The FCA’s overhaul of the rules for financial promotions may impact crypto companies’ ability to reach local customers and promote transparency.
05:30: Bybit faced issues with the FCA due to their marketing language and targeting English-speaking users.
07:09: A new UK bill that allows police to seize cryptocurrency before an arrest is made.
11:20: The PROPY token, its market rank, market cap, and low trading volume.
14:04: The Energy Web token and its purpose in solving problems in the energy network.
15:52: Energy Web aims to connect renewable energy assets to the existing legacy infrastructure.
17:58: Energy Web is a global non-profit organisation
21:23: The technological infrastructure needed for IoT and web3 in the energy sector.
26:06: Energy Web is a layer one blockchain that allows building dApps, running smart contracts, and transferring assets.
27:45: Energy Web has developed EW-DOS, with three layers: Trust, Utility, and Toolkits.
29:30: The primary function of the energy web chain is to provide provenance of digital IDs for the energy sector.
31:04: The network can track energy usage and charging patterns of electric cars.
32:44: Proof of Authority is a consensus mechanism with reduced energy requirements and a smaller footprint.
36:10: The different layers of the system and the white paper’s content.
38:54: The roadmap needs updating to reflect the current direction of the project.
42:14: Current CEO and former CCO of Energy Web.
43:47: Energy Web (EWT) market cap.
45:23: Where Energy Web (EWT) is listed
48:27: The token has multiple use cases including governance, staking, and payments for transaction fees and other services.
50:11: The system uses Oracle technology and has a partnership with R3 for immediate transaction recording.
51:49: The need for a strong team with expertise in blockchain technologies.
53:34: The lack of competition in the energy token market raises questions about innovation.
01:00:15: The potential and slow progress of a project in the property market, as well as the development of an energy company.
01:01:35: The company’s dominance and current performance, as well as the importance of understanding a project’s value.
01:03:21: Bitcoin’s price has been hovering around 25-26k for the past month, with some deviations.
01:05:00: There may be more drops in prices and potential levels to consider.
01:06:37: Different time frames and their impact on the current situation of the market.
01:08:10: The formation of a double top and analysing rises and drops on lower timeframes.
01:11:59: Trendlines and connecting points on a graph, mentioning compression and retesting levels.
01:15:39: Bitcoin price levels and potential areas of support and resistance.
01:17:05: Potential buy zone and altcoin narrative.
01:21:58: Price movements and technical analysis
01:23:45: Market mindset and levels
01:26:55: Kaspa and its recent price movements.
01:28:46: Different interpretations of the price chart and potential outcomes.
01:30:25: The price movement of Zoom and Link tokens, and the need to wait for opportunities to add to investments.
01:32:09: Chainlink and its correlation with real-world assets.
01:33:36: Missed opportunities to buy more units.
01:35:17: Different coin charts and frustration with selling at the bottom of a range.
01:41:30: Skepticism about the value of Binance’s utility token and the possibility of it being artificially inflated.
01:43:05: Sending funds to Kraken and concerns about Binance freezing assets.
01:44:49: Bitcoin dominance has retested the 21 EMA and had a strong bounce, retesting levels at 52.
01:46:19: The possibility of a price drop and the uncertainty in cryptocurrency trading.
01:47:46: Having multiple wallets and recovering old wallets onto new Trezors.
01:51:23: Price movement and potential targets.

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