Avenger Chat – 12 Sept 23

00:10: Tonight’s session includes FTX asset liquidation, AAVE research token, and price movements in September.
01:25: Bitcoin and Ethereum have experienced recent volatility but are currently in a sideways trend.
03:16: Bitcoin dominance is outpacing the rest of the market. Casper continues to climb.
04:59: Criminal organisation, money laundering, and regulatory scrutiny on Binance and FTX.
06:45: Binance’s secretive nature and layered organizational structure.
08:21: Galaxy Digital has been appointed as the organisation to manage the process of unlocking cash from assets.
10:18: The record keeping of FTX is poor and people are not forthcoming in clarifying the situation.
11:55: Athletes and their marketing deals
13:42: FTX administrators filed court documents to seek approval to sell liquid assets, including £3.4 billion in crypto.
18:54: Classification of assets and the understanding of the market dynamics.
20:31: Galaxy is being sought for managing assets and providing expertise in the crypto industry.
22:04: Questions raised about the potential sensationalisation of news events and the actual amount of assets that could be sold.
25:11: Discussion about managing the FTX case and accessing documents on their website.
26:50: Debtors aim to maximise the value of the estate and prepare for potential distributions to creditors.
35:12: There is a significant amount of tokens locked up
38:35: Solana’s market share and trading volume, but no significant impact on the market is expected.
40:29: The recent drop in cryptocurrency prices, particularly Solana, and the influence of news articles and investor sentiment.
44:09: FTX 2.0 may be restarted with 75 bidders
45:49: FTX is moving liquid assets and retaining some stake.
47:28: Market highs, cryptocurrency, and Polkadot 2.0.
49:10: AAVE research token
50:45: Open source allows for transparency, security, and community scrutiny
52:28: AAVE is a liquidity protocol that allows depositors to provide liquidity and earn an APY.
54:12: AAVE started as a borrowing platform using a peer-to-peer network
55:57: There are five networks, four other ones on Ethereum. Liquidity pools have an APY attached.
57:14: Collateralised and non-collateralised loans, flash loans, and the need for providing collateral.
58:33: Borrowing requires overcollateralisation, providing more collateral than the amount borrowed.
01:03:16: Potential risks of using Abracadabra and the importance of monitoring crypto assets to avoid liquidation.
01:06:44: The dashboard has been recently updated to AAVE V3
01:08:06: The platform allows borrowing against a percentage of the user’s assets
01:09:42: The dashboard allows users to stake AAVE and access different markets.
01:13:32: The deflationary nature of the platform and potential use cases including governance and staking.
01:15:22: The historical performance of a coin and criticism of its white paper.
01:16:53: AAVE is the third biggest protocol on DeFi Law with a TVL of £4.5 billion.
01:18:41: The price movement and the possibility of an uptick.
01:20:18: There is an inherent risk associated with investing in this project.
01:22:06: The stablecoin has not been able to hold its peg and its value has been steadily dropping since launch.
01:23:46: Not interested in providing collateral out of their assets and will not utilise AAVE for lending purposes.
01:25:16: Questions about the deflation rate, amount of tokens burnt, and whether there are more locked tokens to be released.
01:27:33: Bitcoin’s price has been fluctuating around the 21 EMA, with the potential for a double top pattern.
01:31:00: The market has been experiencing ups and downs, but overall it has been recovering quickly.
01:32:36: The current state of the market and the need to wait for more reliable information.
01:34:21: Bitcoin’s price movement and technical indicators.
01:38:24: Market sentiment, recovery, and upcoming economic data releases.
01:42:10: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DOT price movements and future prospects.
01:44:16: The current state of staking and personal investment strategy.
01:45:53: Using chart patterns and price levels to identify potential trading opportunities.
01:47:51: The current price movement and the performance of Bybit as a tier-one exchange.
01:50:04: Finding crypto data on different exchanges and platforms.
01:52:44: TradingView and finding a specific item listed there
01:55:12: Emotional reactions to price movements and the impact of social media on trading decisions.
01:56:48: XRP case outcome and market cap dip below a trillion.
01:58:45: The current state of the market, including Bitcoin and USDT dominance.
02:00:26: Energy Web and CPI tomorrow. Reminder to manage open trades due to volatility.

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