Avenger Chat – 19 Jul 23

0.16: Plan for tonight’s session
1.38: Quick run-through price action
5.48: Litecoin halving countdown
6.42: News – Litecoin halving is 13 days away – Som where is the LTC price rally?
9.12: LTC Charting
14.00: News – Judge rules XRP is not a security in SEC’s case against Ripple
18.24: News – XRP price faces a rocky road to recovery ahead of SEC’s Ripple lawsuit
19.33: A deep dive into the SEC Judgement document
1.01.48: A check on the YouTube questions
1.05.30: Spreadsheet Question – I noticed I have a APENFT on my binance spot holdings, should I be concerned/worried as I have never purchased an NFT before. Its effecting my spot holding BTC value as a result.
1.08.44: Spreadsheet Question – Could we cover an ideal crypto portfolio to buy into for the upcoming bull run to HODL. Not sure if this has already been covered. Not looking for the exact investment advice but how to diversify a crypto portfolio to spread risk. would be good to include some examples if possible.
1.13.50: Spreadsheet Question – I know you’re not sold on KAS, but can you please go over how to buy and where to store it? I have a ledger at the moment and can’t get hold of a Trezor for a couple of months due to living overseas. Thanks!
1.19.39: HEX Research Token
1.30.11: What is HEX?
1.36.03: HEX Markets
1.37.31: PulseChain Research Token
1.41.15: Let’s talk about Richard Heart, is this all a scam?
1.49.40: BTC Charting
1.52.13: Spreadsheet Question – GAS/BTC spikey fade chart again?
1.55.51: GMX Charting
1.57.51: DOT Charting
2.00.00: KAS Charting
2.03.46: LINK Charting
2.06.09: XRP, MATIC and NEAR Charting

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