Avenger Chat – 11 Jul 23

0.18: Plan for tonight’s session
1.53: Quick run-through price action
4.33: News – Grayscale lawyers refer to SEC allowing Volatility Shares’ investment vehicle in push for ETF
9.26: News – Winklevoss slams DCG’s Silbert – Not even SBF was ‘capable of such delusion’
13.15: News – Gemini files lawsuit against Digital Currency Group and Barry Silbert over Genesis and Earn program
14.14: News – Bitcoin on $3K discount at Binance.US, but there’s a catch
18.45: News – ‘Bitcoin is an international asset’ – BlackRock CEO’s bullish remarks
23.36: BlackRock BTC articles over the years
30.14: Why now for BlackRock?
36.02: Understanding the Regulation of Exchange-Traded Funds Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
37.49: News – BlackRock ETF stirs US Bitcoin buying as research says ‘get off zero’
40.18: Going through the YouTube chat
43.33: The HODL Model
45.16: BlackRock summary
47.20: Fear and Greed Index and BTC Charting
49.19: US Inflation Rate stats
50.43: UK Inflation Rate stats
51.56: Some more YouTube chat
53.03: Live Question – Does BTC look like a H&S pattern on the daily?
54.39: Altura Token Research
1.06.05: Altura Partnerships
1.08.43: Building your own chains in Altura
1.09.58: Altura Wiki
1.12.52: Altura Marketplace
1.14.58: Altura Loot Boxes
1.16.51: Altura Wallet
1.18.35: Altura Tokenomics
1.21.37: Altura Roadmap
1.24.49: Altura Benefits
1.27.57: Altura Staking
1.33.43: Altura competitors
1.35.36: Altura Summary and YouTube Questions
1.43.33: BTC Charting
1.51.00: BTC liq levels
1.55.29: TOTAL3 Charting
1.56.40: BTC Dominance Charting

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