Avenger Chat – 16 May 23

0.40: Plan for tonight’s session
3.01: Quick run-through price action
5.37: News – Crypto Trader Pays $120K in Fees to Buy $156K of Meme Coin Four
10.28: News – Tether Reports $1.48B Profit in Q1, Reveals Bitcoin, Gold Reserves
12.48: News – Binance looks to the UK for regulation amid US Crypto Crackdown
14.42: News – IRS claiming $44B from FTX bankruptcy: Report
16.41: Bitcoin Ordinals explained
22.54: BRC-20 tokens explained
29.33: SRC-20 tokens/stamps explained
32.08: BRC-20, how do you buy them?
41.28: Ordinals, how do you buy them?
45.00: SRC-20 tokens/stamps, how do you buy them?
48.14: Have Ordinals turned Bitcoin into a worse version of Ethereum?
51.44: Bifrost Research Token
55.01: What is liquid staking?
1.01.10: Let’s get back to discussing Bifrost
1.04.43: Bifrost ecosystem and backers
1.05.45: What exactly is Bifrost doing?
1.07.33: Bifrost whitepaper
1.08.50: Bifrost tokenomics
1.13.47: Bifrost roadmap
1.14.50: Bifrost dashboard
1.17.57: Further look into the Bifrost tokenomics
1.21.00: Bifrost Charting
1.25.25: Some of Bifrosts competitors and a quick summary
1.30.25: Quick check on the YouTube questions
1.32.08: BTC Charting
1.38.39: BTC liq levels
1.43.16: KAVA charting
1.48.51: ETH Charting
1.48.55: DOT Charting
1.50.01: GLMR and LINK Charting
1.51.21: MATIC Charting
1.52.16: NEAR Charting
1.52.48: OKB Charting
1.54.25: KAS Charting
1.55.25: PEPE Charting
1.58.07: HEX Charting

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