Avenger Chat – 09 May 23

0.15: Plan for tonight’s session
1.45: Quick run-through price action
4.42: Spreadsheet Question – Can you look at DOT/BTC and discuss how useful the chart is as an indicator of future price action?
11.46: Spreadsheet Question – Can you demonstrate how to overlay charts on TV? KAS and BTC for example
16.38: News – Binance closes BTC withdrawals amid congestion on the Bitcoin Network
18.16: News – Binance halts Bitcoin withdrawals for the second time in 12 hours
20.59: News – Bittrex Seeks Bankruptcy After Shuttering US Crypto Platform
22.49: News – FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried urges court to dismiss charges
27.24: The LUNA 2022 crash
28.50: News – Half of America’s banks are potentially insolvent – this is how a credit crunch begins
31.22: News – Fed Reveals 722 Banks Reported Unrealised Losses Over 50% of Captial as Concerns Over US Banking Crisis Grow
32.16: News – About 700,000 UK households missed rent or mortage payments last month
33.50: News – Warren Buffet dumps $13.3B in stocks – A warning sign for Bitcoin and risk assets?
34.58: Are we about to see BTC collapse?
42.58: BTC liq levels
47.18: YouTube Question – Why are you not looking at the GAS/BTC trade?
50.13: Look at the Crypto Fear and Greed Index
51.49: Discussing the Pi Cycle
56.45: Using the Pi Cycle on Trading View
1.00.09: Quick run through the YouTube chat
1.01.34: OKB Research token
1.02.30: The OKX exchange
1.06.27: OKB tokenomics
1.11.54: OKB trading volumes
1.14.27: A couple of problems with OKB
1.16.49: OKB buy-back and burn
1.18.26: Article – $10B Mystery: Is OKB really the 7th Largest Crypto?
1.26.00: BitDAO Research
1.29.30: BitDAO tokenomics
1.30.00: So what is BitDAO?
1.32.04: BitDAO partners
1.35.57: BitDAO treasury
1.38.30: BitDao on TokenUnlocks
1.41.49: BitDAO’s recent BIP
1.43.04: BitDAO products and ecosystems under development
1.46.06: Quick run through the YouTube chat
1.47.49: ETH Charting
1.51.33: ETH liq levels
1.52.39: DOT Charting
1.55.56: GLMR Charting
1.56.00: MATIC Charting
1.57.32: GMX Charting
2.00.09: KAS Charting
2.03.29: PEPE Charting
2.04.16: RIBBIT Charting

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