Avenger Chat – 10 Oct 23

00.12: Plan for tonight’s session
01.24: Quick run-through price action
04.44: News – Judge sides with Ripple again, denies SEC appeal: Law Decoded
06.33: News – Bitcoin is a ‘super logical’ step on the tech tree – OpenAP CEO
09.44: News – Huobi, KuCoin, over 140 crypto exchanges ‘non-authorised’ – UK regulator
15.49: News – Michael Lewis’ new book puts a positive spin on Sam Bankman-Fried
19.33: News – Former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison to testify in Sam-Bankman-Fried Trial
24:00: Gary Wang revealed that Alameda Research had special privileges to withdraw customer funds and estimated that they took around $8 billion.
26:00: Adam Yedidia testified about a bug in the system that hid the extent of funds taken by Alameda Research and confirmed that customer funds were used to pay lenders.
29:00: Matt Huang stated that investors were not informed about Alameda Research’s exemption from auto liquidation and estimated that they lost $278 million.
29:30: Jurors appeared bored, confused, and some even fell asleep during the trial.
35.15: News – Sam Bankman-Fried FTX fraud trial continues: What to expect in the second week
36.17: News – SBF seeks to probe FTX lawyers’ roles in $200M Alameda loans
40:05: The October Effect and Bitcoin’s historical data
41.26: Bitcoin Monthly Returns Chart
43.28: The Halloween Effect
47.20: Looking at the BTC data
54:47: The inconclusive nature of the October Effect
57:03: The potential influence of influencers on the October Effect
57:51: Bitcoin’s ongoing sideways price action
58:29: The potential bullish movement in November based on previous halving cycles
59:01: The analysis of Bitcoin’s price action and potential bullish movements
01:00:13: The potential lead-up to the Bitcoin halving and market sentiment
01:01:30: The historical performance of Bitcoin before halvings
01:02:47: Managing emotions and adopting a long-term perspective
01:05:59: BTC charting and the potential formation of a right shoulder pattern
01:11:37: KAS Charting
01:19:31: The potential impact of market conditions on altcoins
01.23.17: cont KAS charting
01.24.18: DOT charting
01.24.47: RNDR charting
01.25.40: TOTAL charting
01:29:10: BNB charting
01.34.14: What happened to NEO?
01.35.06: GAS charting

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