Avenger Chat – 17 Oct 23

00.10: Plan for tonight’s session
01:32: News – Bitcoin Jumps to $30K, Then Dumps, as false Spot ETF Approval Report Circulates
03:38: Overview of the Cointelegraph investigation and the conversation on the Telegram channel
04:13: Speculation about whether Bitcoin is in a topping pattern or a genuine bullish channel.
05:35: Analysis of the potential impact of a genuine spot ETF approval on the price of Bitcoin
06:36: Upcoming release of a research video on Moonwell and 0X0
11.34: News – Clarification on sharing false spot Bitcoin ETF news
17.12: How this fake news affected the BTC chart
20:00: ETFs can bring more investment and funds into the crypto space, but caution is advised to avoid buying at the top.
21:30: Approval of spot ETFs could provide legitimacy to the market, but the SEC may use recent incidents as a reason to reject them.
25:00: News – Binance halts onboarding of new users
28.29: News – Binance.US Halts Direct Dollar Withdrawals
30:30: Bitcoin’s hash rate has significantly increased while its price has not experienced a proportional increase, suggesting a decoupling between the two.
32:30: The increase in BTC hash rate may be driven by miners trying to recoup losses, potentially leading to increased selling pressure.
39:00: Everything you need to know from the Sam Bankman-Fried trial
48:00: Alameda Research paid Thai prostitutes to open accounts on OKEx and Heribei and provided them with trading strategies.
54:00: The defense employs tactics to confuse and bore the jurors, potentially affecting the outcome of the trial.
58:00: The trial is expected to conclude in early November, with a potential impact on public perception of cryptocurrencies.
01:03:00: The use of Trezor hardware wallets for secure storage of cryptocurrencies and the importance of writing down private keys.
01:07:00: Storage options for Polkadot and mention a mobile wallet for Kaspa.
01:09:00: The potential support for Kaspa on Ledger hardware wallets.
01:14:36: BTC Charting
01.25.39: DOT Charting
01.27.22: KAS Charting
01.29.41: ETH Charting
01.30.48: TOTAL Charting
01.33.06: SILVER Charting
01.33.53: BTC Dominance Charting
01.36.43: No session next week, 2 recordings instead

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