Avenger Chat – 06 Sept 23

0.14: Plan for tonight’s session
1.03: Quick run-through price action
2.31: News – Crypto community jubilant over Grayscale decision, but uncertainty remains
4.54: News – SEC delays decision on 6 spot Bitcoin ETF applications
12.49: News – Sealing docs in Binance case could suggest a criminal probe, says former SEC official
16.08: Not rooting for Binance to fail!!
18.19: News – Bitcoin set to form Death Cross as Dollar Index Teases Golden Crossover
19.16: Death Crosses and Golden Crosses on the charts
30.23: 100M DOT to be released!
33.14: PolkaDot Parachain Auction Winners
39.00: Spreadsheet Question – Do you think it’s possible to trade/ride the waves of certain altcoins that pump in a sideways or downward market like we have at the minute.
46.28: Spreadsheet Question – After the X spaces session last week & you speaking about looking to deploy funds in the market. What are your thoughts and previously highlighted concerns any different now? are you still out of KAS? any other thoughts on this?
53.52: Looking at the top Crypto Exchanges
57.46: Hodl’ers Cheat Sheet
59.11: BTC Charting
1.06.51: ETH Charting
1.08.00: DOT Charting
1.09.51: Other Alts Charting
1.10.28: KAS Charting
1.14.43: BTC Dominance Charting
1.18.25: KASUSDT Charting
1.22.34: Upcoming research videos
1.24.18: US500 Charting
1.27.02: Live Question – With the next KAS high target being 20 cents, do you think there will be alot of extra volatility approaching that level while RT looks to sidestep?
1.32.01: Live Question – I wonder how much KAS, RT has in total?

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