Avenger Chat – 03 Jul 23

0.17: Plan for tonight’s session
2.41: Quick run-through price action
4.55: News – KuCoin crypto to introduce mandatory KYC in July
6.10: News – Kraken ordered by court to disclose user data to IRS for tax compliance
7.39: News – US SEC deems spot Bitcoin ETFs filings as inadequate: Report
9.19: News – Fidelity Refiles for Spot Bitcoin ETF
9.42: News – Coinbase Will Be Surveillance Partner for Fidelity, Other Bitcoin ETF’s Refiled Applications Say
11.47: News – Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Now Holds Over $4.6B Worth of Bitcoin
20.34: Spreadsheet Question – Could you do a token review of Altura (ALU)?
22.57: Spreadsheet Question – About hardware wallets: At what size portfolio should you be before getting one? Do you store all spot investments on there (smaller alt holdings) or just the larger ones (ETH and BTC). Does the Trezor support all of the coins that Siam spot invests in?
30.32: Spreadsheet Question – To account for GBP/USD fluctuations, is it worth monitoring Crypto/GBP pairs too for spot moves (e.g. BTC/GBP, Eth/GBP etc)?
36.28: Going through the YouTube chat
38.17: Checking the Fear and Greed Index
39.57: There are a lot of people becoming quite bullish
43.31: Some more YouTube Questions
47.54: Let’s talk about GMX
51.22: What is Gambit (GMT)
54.54: GMX in a nutshell
56.30: How to use GMX
58.35: What you can trade on GMX
1.03.16: GMX or GLP
1.06.39: GMX Tokenomics
1.10.41: GMX Dashboard
1.13.56: GMX Distribution and Unlocks
1.15.30: GMX Market Cap
1.18.19: GMX Exchanges
1.20.50: GMX Roadmap
1.22.28: GMX Charting
1.27.00: GMX Fee
1.33.03: GMX Summary
1.38.05: Going through the YouTube chat
1.48.35: BTC Charting and liq levels

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