Avenger Chat – 01 Aug 23

0.17: Plan for tonight’s session
1.42: Quick run-through price action
5.14: News – Crypto Biz: Binance slashes costs, Ripple ready for US banks and crypto VCs return
10.33: News – Ripple ruling and crypto ETFs ‘drove a lot of urgency among lawmakers, reportedly says Coinbase CEO
13.44: News – Twitter bids adieu to Bluebird as Elon Musk rebrands platform to X
18.30: DOGE and Elon effect
20.21: Catching up on the YouTube chat
22.38: Upcoming on Forex Factory
23.12: Interest rates and further rising
26.19: A chat about Worldcoin
31.50: Catching up on the YouTube chat
35.00: John Deaton Twitter
36.47: News – Bitcoin block 800,000 mined – What’s next?
38.33: Bitcoin halving countdown
40.37: BTC Stock-to-Flow Model
41.56: The Bitcoin Spiral Clock
49.53: Bitcoin Spiral: The Halving Cycle
50.26: BTC Charting
1.00.14: ETH Charting
1.01.24: cont BTC Charting
1.03.28: cont ETH Charting
1.06.13: DOT Charting
1.11.02: LINK Charting
1.14.51: BNB Charting
1.18.01: GLMR Charting
1.19.38: MATIC Charting
1.21.24: NEAR Charting
1.23.47: Spreadsheet Question – I’m quite late to KAS but looking to get a significant portion of my pot in – I have 0 KAS right now. Originally I was thinking since the mother market looks bearish, I should wait a bit to get in, but as Rhys pointed out, the 12H chart on KAS has a huge low test. I’m not sure how to navigate this conflicting idea and wondering what your take on this if you were in my position.
1.24.27: KAS Charting
1.30.34: Are KAS and BTC doing their own thing?
1.34.05: TOTAL3 Charting
1.37.34: Spreadsheet Question – Planning, including profit taking?

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