Avenger Chat – 27 June 23

0.16: Plan for tonight’s session
1.28: Quick run-through price action
3.36: News – Fed Chair Powell Says Bitcoin Has ‘Staying Power’ as an Asset Class
9.20: News – These Are the High-Profile Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications Currently in Play
12.39: News – Cathie Wood’s ARK reportedly ‘first-in-line’ for a spot Bitcoin ETF
14.40: Timeline for the BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF
18.38: News – Fidelity preparing to submit spot bitcoin ETF filing
21.09: YouTube Questions
22.19: A chat about TrueUSD
25.15: A timeline of TUSD concerns
27.04: TUSD Marketcap
30.22: News – Prime Trust can’t honour customer withdrawals, says Nevada regulator
31.23: News – TrueUSD assures users it has no exposure to troubled Prime Trust
31.49: News – Binance announces zero maker fees for TUSD pairs
34.22: News – TUSD under attack following Prime Trust insolvency
35.57: TrueUSD, Twitter News
37.21: Another look at TrueUSD price
39.10: What’s everyone’s thoughts on TrueUSD?
46.04: Looking into Telos
57.10: Telos website
1.00.02: Telos ecosystem
1.00.44: Telos whitepaper
1.03.05: Telos partnerships
1.04.21: Telos marketcap
1.08.54: Telos community
1.10.28: Telos benefits
1.16.24: Telos on DefiLlama
1.18.42: Telos staking
1.21.10: YouTube Questions
1.23.04: BTC Charting
1.37.04: BTC liq levels
1.39.20: BTC Dominance Charting
1.41.21: Alts Charting
1.45.46: Spreadsheet Question – Thoughts on GBTC (grayscale BTC) chart/fundamentals as I am considering allocating some funds through my SIPP/ISA
1.47.42: Spreadsheet Question – If KAS is much like BTC, can we expect the price action to occur according to similar patterns? If so there is currently a ‘W’ and two rises with consolidation, suggesting a third is to come, possibly sometime today, looking at the 4hr chart. Would such a rise necessarily be expected to surpass the most recent high, or could it in this case just create a double top? For to go higher would require busting through a significant trend line that it currently seems to be koboing off of, albeit a double kobo but these are common enough. If it did bust through, could it be due to the performance of the tec as Siam posted about yesterday and would matching the all-time high then not be a reasonable expectation? Perhaps then creating a big double top, instigating the ultimate drop that is generally expected? Or am I trying to think too far ahead?
1.51.12: KAS Charting
1.55.58: Spreadsheet Question – As things are moving quite fast (at least for me as a beginner, who struggles with the technical side of things sometimes as well eg buy KAS) it would be helpful to have a place to go, where one can see what was done when. Public log. I do apologise if that already exists and I missed it.
1.56.59: YouTube Questions

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