Avenger Chat – 24 Jan 23

0.00: Plan for tonight’s session
2.00: FOMO discussion
4.55: Harry’s experience with FOMO
10.29: Habib’s experience with FOMO
15.10: Having a long-term horizon with investing
21.09: BTC Dominance Charting
22.08: Opportunities in redistributing your portfolio
24.30: Having a look at TAP
27.14: Collective coin research
28.55: Average BTC price, buying at the highs
33.00: Further FOMO chat with the Avengers
37.20: BTC Charting and buying back in
47.20: Where does everyone else sit with FOMO?
51.57: Zoom Question – Vaiot (VAI) and Fetch (FET)?
52.58: Zoom Question – What’s the best software to use for crypto tax?
53.12: Zoom Question – I find that the more convinced I am of something, the less likely it will happen. It’s so easy to tell yourself a story that suits your need or desire, and the further down that road you travel, the harder it is to be objective.
56.07: Zoom Question – Look at SOL?
59.02: News – Troubled Crypto Firm DCG Suspends Dividend Payments to Preserve Cash
59.35: News – Crypto lender Genesis files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
1.00.03: News – Gemini Plans to Lay Off 10% Staff, Cites Bad Crypto Industry Actors
1.05.54: News – US Democrats Propose Legislation to Eliminate Debt Ceiling
1.06.17: The US Debt Clock
1.09.52: News – Why we have a debt ceiling, and why this trip to the brink may be different
1.10.30: The Debt Ceilings on SPX
1.11.44: News – UK Recession Risks Grow With Record Deficit and Outlook Slump
1.12.18: News – NYSE temporarily halts trading after a glitch caused abnormal swings in share prices
1.13.07: Some Crypto Twitter
1.15.38: News – Microsoft offers lackluster guidance, says new business growth slowed in December
1.17.47: Zoom Question – Completely remove the debt ceiling, what could go wrong hey?
1.20.10: How to Apply the Wyckoff Accumulation Theory to Trade Crypto
1.21.15: What Is the Wyckoff Method?
1.22.00: Understanding the Three Wyckoff Laws
1.22.40: The Laws
1.24.49: Wyckoff Price Cycle
1.27.01: Wyckoff Accumulation
1.29.40: Wyckoff on a BTC Chart
1.38.54: The recent move up with BTC
1.43.12: VIX Charting
1.47.17: US500 Charting
1.48.15: Live Question – How do you feel the Wyckoff Method works with current BTC lows?
1.53.03: BTC Charting
1.58.24: ETH Charting
2.00.33: ADA Charting
2.02.20: Some quick BNB news
2.04.05: LTC Charting
2.05.18: DXY Charting
2.08.01: TOTAL Charting

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