Avenger Chat – 14 March 23

0.07: Plan for tonight’s session
1.08: Seizing opportunities and getting back into the market
9.50: Quickly going over some price action
11.30: BTC Charting
19.17: YouTube Question – Confused by the economic outlook and how this is translating in the chart?
23.19: YouTube Question – What is the CME gap?
23.53: News – Bitcoin price breaks $26K as US inflation comes in at 6%
24.51: News – Binance Halts Deposits and Withdrawals for Customers in the UK
25.37: News – NatWest Stops Customers Moving Over £1000 a Day Into Crypto
26.32: News – Banks down? That is why Bitcoin was created, the crypto community says
28.14: News – SVBN and Silvergate are out, but major banks are still backing crypto firms
31.21: News – Crypto Bank Silvergate Announces ‘Voluntary Liquidation
31.38: Harrys notes on the week’s news
39.10: List of the largest US bank failures
43.27: How Fractional Reserve Banking Works
46.44: News – Moody’s Cuts Outlook on US Banking System to Negative From Stable
47.11: News – Credit Suisse Says Outflows Not Reserved. at Lower Levels
51.48: Spreadsheet Question – Would be interesting if we could explore the pro’s and cons, risk and reward of just buying back into the market with BTC vs building a portfolio now? I.e., BTC is normally the 1st mover so are we better of in BTC and then converting to alts later. If we do that there are taxes and fees. What is the risk of everything other than BTC being labelled securities
56.13: Path to Altseason
58.30: BTC Dominance Charting
1.03.17: USDBTC, ETHBTC and DOTBTC Charting
1.14.39: Going through the YouTube chat
1.26.47: Spreadsheet Question – As it’s likely we will all hold some BTC soon. Please could you run through how to store BTC off main exchanges? I’ve done MM, exodus, trustwallet etc but don’t think any of them can actually hold BTC.
1.34.08: Spreadsheet Question – Buying BTC OTC rather than through exchanges? It’s not something I hear or see as a thing in the community but would like to understand the reality of going down that route?

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