Avenger Chat – 10 Jan 23

0.00: What will be discussed on tonight’s session
3.40: Ideas for future Avenger Sessions
4.34: Zoom Question – Tell you what would be good for the community. not necessarily has to be part of the avengers call. But to have a live back testing sessions
5.09: BTCUSD Charting
6.52: News – Core Scientific files for bankruptcy as Crypto winter bites
9.50: TOTAL Charting
12.12: RIOT Charting
13.41: A look at the total Hash Rate
15.06: News – Bitcoin miner Core Scientific approved for $37.5 mln bankruptcy loan
16.49: News – Mt. Gox repayment registration deadline moved to March 2023
20.52: News – Ethereum Shanghai Testnet May Launch As Early as February to Enable Validator Staking Withdrawal.
25.40: Zoom Question – Going through DD on coin suggestions would be interesting – really enjoyed your previous QNT overview. Obviously wouldn’t be able to go in too much depth on a live call, but even just checking its ‘vital signs’ would be great to talk through. Then perhaps further discussion will flow in Discord. Perhaps this would form in to a DD checklist.
27.18: News – FTX businesses including LedgerX draw interest from over 100 potential buyers
29.51: News – Celebs who got burned endorsing Crypto and those that got away with it
37.50: Logan Paul and CryptoZoo
41.46: News – Coinbase Lays Off 950 Staff, Cuts Operational Costs By 25%
42.18: News – Huobi confirms 20% layoffs, denies insolvency rumours
44.21: Going through the questions
46.45: Upcoming News Events
51.25: The Earnings Calendar
52.05: Zoom Question – On the topic of coins with big ad spend/celebrity endorsements, CRO is likely up there with things like taking the main sponsorship of LA sports centre (previously the Staples Center). Curious whether CRO is still on your watchlist to rebuy?
53.52: News – Crypto.com in Hot Water Again as UK Watchdog Files Dispute for Violating Advertising Laws
54.56: Zoom Question – Are the CCP party members getting ready to use crypto to launder money out of the country potentially?
56.34: Zoom Question – What do you personally think the earning reports going to be and where do you think the market will go?
58.14: Zoom Question – Mark Moss says similar about China and its limited life left. Bidens Chip legislation will hit China hard too.
59.18: BTC Charting
1.02.00: BTC on HyblockCapital
1.08.18: ETH Charting
1.11.44: DOT Charting
1.14.00: ADA Charting
1.14.32: BNB Charting
1.16.07: MATIC Charting
1.17.05: SOL Charting
1.18.28: XRP Charting
1.19.21: DXY Charting
1.20.24: SNP Charting
1.20.57: Zoom Question – BTC is having a 50/200 MA cross on a weekly time at the moment. Will that have any effect?
1.24.22: Zoom Question – Looks like Nasdaq on a daily time frame has started its H&S pattern and coming to its right shoulder now. How valid is that pattern please?
1.25.56: LTC Charting and halving
1.32.12: Live Question – Just been testing some ‘off ramps’, can you remind me of yours?
1.38.22: Zoom Question – Would it still not be a taxable event? Since you’re basically converting from one token to another….even if it’s wrapped it’s still technically a new asset
1.39.27: Zoom Question – Can you do a tutorial on every step of that?
1.40.41: Zoom Question – Really don’t see why you would want to do that as once the tax years are dealt with its a fresh start for the new tax year

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