Avenger Chat – 07 Nov 23

01:15: Bitcoin’s price range and technical analysis.
03:55: Announcement of the SBF trial verdict and its details.
05:35: Details of Sam’s testimony and the trial proceedings.
14:12: Analysis of Ethereum’s price movement and demand.
15:00: Ethereum’s deflationary trend and supply dynamics.
18:43: Analysis of market price movement and potential driving factors.
20:00: Derivatives trading, perpetual trading, and futures driving price without bringing in new funds.
22:48: Speculation on the impact of SEC approval or rejection of a Bitcoin ETF on market sentiment.
24:01: Anticipated negative impact on price if Bitcoin ETF is rejected.
30:33: Reflection on the FTX collapse, recovery, and market sentiment.
33:20: Encouragement to consider buying during fearful market conditions.
35:19: Review of Bitcoin’s technical analysis, support levels, and potential price movements.
36:03: Observation of Bitcoin’s price movement in relation to a specific support line.
39:48: Importance of a specific support line and its impact on potential price movements.
41:50: Exploration of Fibonacci levels and potential price pullbacks.
47:41: RSI, Stochastic RSI, and their significance.
50:43: The Money Flow Index and its implications for market analysis.
52:08: Analysis of historical rejections and potential market corrections.
56:23: Concerns about the potential impact on the traditional four-year cycle.
57:17: Expectations of a mid-cycle rally and potential market correction.
59:02 Upcoming token research and analysis.
01:00:24: Using momentum indicators and breaching new all-time highs.
01:02:25: Lagging indicators and market momentum for trading decisions.
01:04:25: Analysing EMAs and market correction levels for re-entry.
01:05:20: Re-buying levels and market corrections.
01:07:15: Strategies for exiting the market and avoiding mass exodus scenarios.
01:08:13: Analysing market levels for sidestepping and re-entry.
01:11:55: Explanation of KYC requirements and challenges with centralised exchanges.
01:15:26: Discussion on breaching trendlines and potential portfolio adjustments.
01:17:03: Strategies for portfolio allocation between Ethereum and Bitcoin based on market trends.
01:18:26: Bitcoin dominance, market trends, and potential portfolio adjustments.
01:20:01: Bitcoin’s price movement leading into January and comparison to altcoins.
01:21:31: Bitcoin dominance and potential market value impact.
01:24:21: Discussion on Link token trade and missed opportunities.
01:26:32: Analysis of Metaverse X token trade and decision to exit the market.
01:27:20: Observations on overextended altcoin market and potential pullback.
01:30:30: Expectations of a market pullback and cautious approach to investment

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